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Growing up in the Marikina and Lower-Antipolo area, we have always been exposed to the industry, so it was only natural for both of us to explore the world of leather in Marikina when we decided to take up hand crafted designs, first as a hobby, and now as a full-fledged designer brand.

After initial designs, sketches, and mock-ups, we first begin with sourcing leather––using only genuine cow hide from tanneries from Bulacan. 

Next, we collaborate closely with our partner artisans and leather crafters in Marikina to carefully pattern, cut, and sew WOLFE+HUNTR our pieces.

Classic and custom pieces include weekenders, box bags, belt bags, tote bags, handheld folios; harnesses, cage tops and skirts, full-body leather straps, tassels, collars, and cuffs.